PURRFECT TALKER is the pen name I took a number of years ago on a Cat Chat site where I was an assistant Administrator. The Site had 350+ registered members and was very active.  I participated in this board for over three years as one of the Cat Behavior and Cat Health counselors. 


I left that board and began exploring my recently discovered passion of Animal Communication, taking classes and retreats from internationally known communicators, including Jeri Ryan, Ph.D. The more I learned the more enthralled at the possibilities...If humans and animals could intuitively exchange information, it could change the whole planet. Just think... if you could ask your animal where it hurts, or what food it likes, or even,..the real question... why had s/he chosen me to be it's caregiver. Many of these answers don't need intuitive communication if you watch closely.  The tail, the opening of the eye, the position of the whiskers, ears, and body posture have much to tell and we humans, if we pay close attention, can guess at that language. But what I learned was so much more, and I have shared much of that in my book PURRS &  PROMISES.  You can more about that at http://www.dchesnut.com 

From caring for my first three cats, from interspecies communication from them, mostly through a qualified Animal Communicator, and incorporating information from my college psychology classes, I learned how to show them what I wanted and expected from them. And bless them! I discovered that they would honor most of my requests. (I admit Bear, my headstrong Maine Coon, often disagreed with me and a few times we simply had to come to a mutual understanding, the primary one that he could not go outside and wander the neighborhood, in deference to my great fear that something awful would happen to him, as it too often does to kitties. But he was a high energy cat, and his old mom was great for a cuddle but not so great for a chase. We reached a compromise--he would go outside, on a leash, with me. Most of the time that worked, except when he found ways to do the Great Houdini and I would roam the neighborhood looking for him. What I knew though, with every fiber of my being, was that he was not trying to get away when he escaped, he simply wanted to see what was going on, and had he always been able, he would have found a way to come back to me. 


purrfect talker

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