Welcome all Kitties & their Caretakers. 

Purrfect Talker is here to talk with you. 

Whether you are new to the cat kingdom, in the middle of a cat-human difference of opinion, or just need to brush up on the newest and greatest cat secrets, cat products and cat toys, this is the place to find help.

Yes, we speak "Cat", as well as English. We've learned the meaning of the swishing tail, 

the down-turned whiskers, the stalking, the stomping, and the refusal to cooperate. 

It is often said that cat's can't be trained and we've heard all the jokes about the independence of cats. 

But I believe they can be trained--or perhaps a better word is enticed--to do things the way we want 

about as much as another human could be trained. Cats have their own ideas about things, 

and training a cat is just a matter of figuring out why they are doing something, 

then finding a way to change their environment to turn them into happy and cooperative kitties. 

Training should be done with the same understanding, respect, consistency and gentleness 

that one would use with a child. 

Most cats are not trying to "be bad"--they have their reasons for what they do. 

It is our goal to help you decipher what those reasons are.

We offer consults which we do primarily for the cats, but it's cool if it helps the humans, too! 

We commend anyone willing to take on one of these furry kids, to provide for them, 

and to try to make them happy. 

But it's most important that you are ALL happy with the arrangement. 

If you are new to cat raising, or have questions about the best ways and means to live with them, 

and the best products to use to make them happy, which will make you happy keep reading our blog. 

This website and our consult services are a labor of love for all the overworked rescue groups and for kitty moms and pops and their fur kids. 




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