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Can you guess who is who? Mr. Bear, Sami, Bella,Tucker, Birdie 

​See their stories at My Cats Link


Fun & facts

Hi there and a Purrfect Welcome from Purrfect Talker, a/k/a

Deanna Chesnut, M.A., Cat Mom, and Author of PURRS & PROMISES. 

Please don't be shy, just come on in and explore. We've offered lots of

information that should make life easier for you and your furry be3loveds,

information about health care, nutrition, breaking bad habits, having a more loving relationship with you and between your other pets. We've shared info about great toys, advice about finding the best and cheapest litter, strategies for giving your babies lots of exercise, how to make their lives more enriched, and how to make life and death decisions for your kitties. 

​It's all here, for a start, but I'll be adding to my blog on a weekly basis. Feel free to suggest topics that you have an interest in or contact us with questions and observations. 

Have fun, and tell your friends about all the good stuff you found here!

                               Deanna Chesnut, M.A. & C.M. (Cat Mom)



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