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TUCKER. His caregiver went into an Alzheimer's unit, and I rescued him. He was the only cat I've ever had who had been declawed, and he was terrified of almost everything for his first months with us. He was a beautiful cat with green eyes that always seemed to plead with me. Unfortunately, he was ill for most of his life with me, vet after vet diagnosing him with allergies. By the time they figured out it wasn't allergies, he had stomach cancer. He loved me with every hair on his body. He was sometimes grumpy, who wouldn't be, when he was so sick for so long. Another Maine Coon, but always underweight. I think I was his world. I was able to offer him some fun, though he never really learned to play. I adopted two girls after him, and he was in love with the Siamese tail of one of them, much to her disgust.  

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SAMI:  In order of appearance in my life, there was my first  "love child" - Sami, a purebred apple head Seal Point Siamese who came to me at two months of age. He is the first cat mentioned in my book, Purrs & Promises. He was a loud-mouthed Siamese, true to his breed. He loved to cuddle, loved long stringy things, and had a very mischievous nature. 

 Before knowing any better, I allowed him to go outside. One day, he ran out and was badly injured by a speeding motorist. I rushed him to the vet, and he was better, but never quite the old Sami. Another cat then moved in, and Sami bonded so tightly with him; alas, he felt betrayed by me, and it took a long time for him to forgive for finding him his little Siamese twin.  Sami went over the Rainbow Bridge when heh was twelve years old, and I knew true grief for only the second time in my life. 

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LITTLE/BIG/MR. BEAR.  He was a funny-looking kitten when he went to the neighbor's looking for me. He became the Sami's twin and they were never apart after the second day. PURRS & PROMISES is Bear's book, the soul kitty who taught me about the magic of cats, of life, and of death. He was audacious, loving everyone he met, and they all loved him back.He conquered a room full of 9 dogs in an animal communication session. He loved to be outside, but by now I had learned how risky it was. I compromised...he was allowed outside to walk the neighborhood only when I was holding the other end of the lead. A number of my gray hairs were caused by Sami and Little Bear.



BELLA.  My little calico who loved sound, loved her big brother Bear, and caused me more grief than any cat I've ever had. The vets insisted there was nothing wrong but her behavior when she refused to use the litter box. I despaired of her until an animal communicator told us what was wrong. She escaped death by totally putting her trust in me. This shy, sweet little girl will always be the link to my childhood. 

GRACIE. I was at an organizing client's house when I found Gracie in a converted garage. The clients confessed they were in garage only two hours a week; the rest of the time she was there, alone, with no people, no music, no sound, nothing to play with. After weeks of calling on St. Gertrude (I'm not Catholic, but she heard me anyway) the clients finally released her to me. By then, she hated cats, and she and Tucker had many hissing matches. Birdie, though, was able to get into her good graces, and they have become very best friends. She has had many health problems, including paralysis which happened when she had a tooth pulled. After 6 accupuncture treatments, she began walking without even a limp! Now, whenever I go, wherever I am, there's Gracie. And, as you can see, she really liked the acupuncture! 

BIRDIE. I adopted her from a shelter on July 4th. I was looking for a companion for Tucker, and wasn't sure how he would accept another cat, but I was assured this little two year old tabby was an 0+ (Universal blood donor) cat who got along with all cats. I brought her home and in short order Tucker accepted her. Her 3 returns to the shelter, along with the broken tail, had left her leery of people.  She sits on my lap, but does not seem to know how to play. She gives me Eskimo nose kisses, so I know she loves me, but she is quiet and loves to sleep. She had another name, but soon after she came to me, a bird got in the house and was sitting on the overhead fan blades. She kept meowing, birdy, birdy, very clearly. After that if I called, Birdy, she would come running.